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Ceramic Bathroom Products
Advantages of Ceramic Bathroom Products

High-quality Material
Our ceramic bathroom products are made adopting silicate material of superior quality and fine particles. Through utilizing advanced high-pressure molding process, the final product features good compactness, high strength and delicate texture.

The glaze of our bathroom basin is made from superior imported barium carbonate and other materials via three-time glaze spraying technology. The first layer is base glaze, the second layer is common glaze, and the third layer is high-temperature microcrystal self-cleaning glaze independently developed by OUTAI. The entire glaze surface is more than 1.1mm thick and formed via high temperature calcination.

Meanwhile, the glaze contains silver ion that can destroy cell tissue of bacteria, thus reaching the goal of sterilization. In short, the glaze is smooth, bright, wear resistant and easy for cleaning.

Mute Design
Great attention has been paid to each detail during producing the ceramic toilet. Unique slowly descending toilet lid adopts buffering technology and mute design, keeping you away from noise bother. Besides, water flush noise is 5-10dB lower than similar toilets, creating quiet living space for the whole family.