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Intelligent Bathroom Solution

For a family with the elderly and kid members, it is necessary to build a bathroom integrating performance of safety, practicability and usage comfort. To better help you in this respect, OUTAI provides perfect solution to make your bathroom more intelligent.

Bathroom Faucet
1. Our bathroom faucet with single handle is user friendly and one-hand operated. It comes with complete functions and wide operation angle for easy control of water temperature and flow rate.
2. We provide the basin tap combining aesthetics and functionality. It is designed with high water outlet for usage comfort. 3. The sink tap with two handles is engineered with rotatable water outlet for usage convenience.
4. Our hands free faucet automatically adjusts water flow time, helping you to save water and also avoiding cross infection of bacteria.

Shower Hose
OUTAI supplies shower hose of different lengths to meet different usage demands. It is designed with anti-distortion accessory to prevent the hose from distortion. All hoses adopt screw connector of standard size, thus hose replacement is very easy without needing special tools.

Shower Slide Bar
The shower slide bar is provided with different heights for your options. It suits people of different heights, bringing you showering comfort.