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Hand Shower

The hand shower enables 360-degree rotation by adopting special technology. You can freely switch between different water flow modes like the rain mode, ejecting mode, mist mode, the storm mode, etc. Thus, this hand held shower can satisfy different showering demands.

The handheld shower head utilizes top-grade ABS high temperature resistant material and non-toxic silicone rubber to ensure zero pollution or residual. It is electroplated to maintain smoothness and bright luster, and thereby it is anti-scratch.

If you want to relieve strained muscles and enjoy a comfortable shower, please choose the OUTAI hand shower!

  • OT-6233
  • OT-6234
  • OT-6236
  • OT-6237
  • OT-6242
  • OT-6243
  • OT-6246
  • OT-6247
  • OT-6248
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