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The drainer is a kind of drainage device installed at the bottom of bathtub or wash basin. According to design type, this bath drainer can be divided into the resilient type and the turnover type. It covers the copper type, stainless steel type and the plastic type based on raw material. In respect of usage, it is classified into the bathtub type, the wash basin type, etc.

Our bathtub drain is featured by simple, fluent contour, fine manufacturing crafts, high-quality materials and perfect detailing. It completely combines aesthetics and practicability, easy for installation.

To choose a better drainer, you should first be clear about whether there is an overflow port at the bathtub or wash basin. If yes, the bathroom sink drain with opening is qualified, and if not, the one without opening should be chosen.

  • OT-6528
  • OT-6531
  • OT-6532
  • OT-6533
  • OT-6534
  • OT-6535
  • OT-6538
  • OT-6539
  • OT-6551
  • OT-6552
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