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Flush Valve

OUTAI is committed to manufacturing superior bathroom supplies such as the flush valve for all customers. Great attention is paid to details during each production procedure, and this water supply valve with delicate design is specially engineered to cater for the use needs of public environment.

The toilet flush valve adopts refined copper material and copper valve element which enables self closing for fear of time delay during application. Product surface is acid copper, nickel and chrome electroplated, thus enhancing wear and corrosion resistance. Meanwhile, uniform and solid coating makes the product surface as bright as a mirror.

Besides, the copper valve element is designed with button, featured by compact structure, reasonable configuration and fine texture.

  • OT-4201
  • OT-4202
  • OT-4203
  • OT-4301
  • OT-4304
  • OT-4305
  • OT-4307
  • OT-4308
  • OT-4309
  • OT-4401
  • OT-4402
  • OT-4403
  • OT-4404
  • OT-4405
  • OT-4406
  • OT-4501
  • OT-4502
  • OT-5123
  • OT-5201
  • OT-5203
  • OT-5205
  • OT-5207
  • OT-5208
  • OT-5209
  • OT-5210
  • OT-5213
  • OT-5221
  • OT-5301
  • OT-5304
  • OT-5305
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