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Angle Valve

The angle valve is one of OUTAI bathroom accessories. It is highlighted by simple flow path as well as small dead zone and eddy zone. It effectively prevents against medium blockage by virtue of scouring action of the medium, thus self-cleaning performance is better.

In the meantime, this bathroom hardware features small flow resistance, the flow coefficient of which is larger than that of single seated valve and is equal to that of double seated valve.

Our angle valve suits application places containing suspended matters or granular fluid of high viscosity, or places requiring perpendicular piping. Generally, fluid flows in from product bottom and flows out from product side.

  • OT-3302
  • OT-3304
  • OT-3306
  • OT-3311
  • OT-3313
  • OT-3314
  • OT-3315
  • OT-3317
  • OT-3320
  • OT-3321
  • OT-3322
  • OT-3323
  • OT-3324
  • OT-3325
  • OT-3326
  • OT-3327
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