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Ceramic Urinal

The ceramic urinal comes with one-piece fluent contour, concise design and fine crafts. It adopts high-temperature calcination, the glaze of which is smooth and delicate. The drainage pipe is built-in, thus the entire product is artistic and easy for cleaning.

Product Types
In respect of appearance, this plumbing fixture can be divided into the upright type and the desk type. Regarding functions, our ceramic urinal includes the induction type and the common type. It is made under the principle of human orientation, integrating practicability and artistry. What we pursue is to provide you a water-saving wall hung urinal and incomparable usage comfort.

1. Urinal with Sensor
This urinal with sensor is more sanitary and convenient for operation, which can effectively avoid bacterial cross infection. It accommodates dry cells or AC power supply, and comes with polished, chrome plated induction panel. OUTAI pays great attention to detail during production, aimed to meet the requirements of all customers.

2. Common Urinal
This common urinal can be matched with the OUTAI flush valve for easy operation. It enables washdown, injection or siphoning type water flushing. Excellent performances make it completely meet home and commercial usage demands.

  • OT-1507
  • OT-1508
  • OT-1509
  • OT-1510
  • OT-1513
  • OT-1515
  • OT-5211
  • OT-5212
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