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Ceramic Squat Pan

The ceramic squat pan comes into existence as a result of meticulous manufacturing craft and distinguished design. Combining state-of-the-art technologies, this squatting pan enables vortex-type washdown, and features bright luster, high smoothness and durability because of high-temperature calcination craft.

Our ceramic squat toilet has large washing out force and it is easy for cleaning and installation, incomparable for its counterparts. Besides, this ceramic squat pan is provided in various sizes and can be matched with our toilet cistern.

  • OT-1302s
  • OT-1303
  • OT-1303s
  • OT-1304
  • OT-1304s
  • OT-1305
  • OT-1305s
  • OT-1307
  • OT-1307s
  • Ceramic Squat Pan
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