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Ceramic Basin

OUTAI is always in the pursuit of quality excellence in the course of providing the ceramic basin of different sizes. Compromising between simplicity and luxury, this bathroom basin embodies infinite wisdom and elegant art taste. The entire design is rational, life-based and human-oriented, making life easier and better.

1. Our ceramic basin is molded from pottery clay via high temperature heating. After vitrification and glazing, production of the bathroom sink is completed, and the entire product is solid, bright, fine and smooth. Meanwhile, it is waterproofing without pore.
2. In addition to good luster, this ceramic wash basin also highly resists stain, scorch and mark, easy for cleaning. It is a perfect match for the other bathroom supplies of OUTAI.
3. Mounting modes are diversified, covering post mounted type, wall mounted type, above counter mounted type, under counter mounted type, etc. Thus, different requirements of customers can be satisfied.
4. Based on various mounting modes, OUTAI offers diversified design patterns.

  • OT-1101
  • OT-1103
  • OT-1107
  • OT-1112
  • OT-1113
  • OT-1115
  • OT-1117
  • OT-1118
  • OT-1120
  • OT-1121
  • OT-1131
  • OT-1133
  • OT-1134
  • OT-1151
  • OT-1152
  • OT-1153
  • OT-1154
  • OT-1156
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